Introducing the Passive Irrigation Controller a.k.a PICS

No Electricity. No Moving Parts. Precision Irrigation.


The Challenge

Water scarcity around the world inflicts similar issues – for some, more severely than the others. Depending on where you live and your livelihood, “over 4 billion people around the world face water shortages at least one month of the year.” (FAO)

Competing large farmers in a small-holder community.

Lack of access to water sources – rivers, lakes nearby.

Increasing dry season due to climate change impact.

Our Technology

A passive irrigation controller that has been designed for efficient water use in low-income countries around the globe. The valve works by capturing the suction pressure generated by the soil as it dries and opens at a user set value to supply water to the field.

Ideal for the challenging environments.

✓ No Electricity

✓ No Moving Parts

✓ Low cost

✓ Easy to assemble

✓ Easy to maintain

✓ Adjustable to various crop types

“Crop water productivity can be improved by increasing yields (production per unit of land) through good agricultural practices, based on soil and water management (e.g. precision irrigation)…”

— Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Community water tank (Nicaragua, 2015).
Small-holder farmer’s home in Pedro Arauz, Nicaragua.
Agriculture is the primary source of income for many households in rural Nicaragua.

With increasing populations, climate change and increase in diverse food consumption all over the world, agriculture demands for far more water use than we do today. This is why we want to make the most efficient use of water in all types of communities on our planet. To improve yield and work towards long-term food security.

Our Impact

Lower Operating Costs

Increase Annual Yield

Improve Crop Variety

Enable Gender Equality

[Agricultural water management sector] proposes a singular water approach on building resilient water services and sustaining water resources, while also managing risks related to broader social and economic water-related impacts.

— World Bank

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