Our Journey


In 2015, we visited the village of Pedro Aruaz in Nicaragua. We helped installed a water tank and realized the need for a simple irrigation controller.

In the western world, it is common to use moisture sensors and automate the irrigation process. But in a place where there is no electricity, threat of water security, and increasing cost in drawing water from local sources, we needed to find an alternate way. We needed to help the most affected, the small-holder farmers in the rural developing world. Thus came the inception of a passive irrigation controller.


After 3 years of research and development, and many, many design iterations, we came up with our final model in 2020. This simple machine checks off all of the requirements from a smallholder farmer to the commercial farmers all over the world.

There is no electricity, no moving parts, simple mechanics that require no specialized training for maintenance, low-cost and saves water!


We choose communities that have existing infrastructure for drip irrigation controllers and agricultural organizations to introduce our technology.

Partnering with local non-profit organizations helps us bring our product to farmers around the world seamlessly.

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