Our Team

Rashmi Sathar

Co-founder | Program & Business Development

With a passion for making an impact on the developing world, Rashmi works to build relationships with the various stakeholders from suppliers to clients – to bring the product to the market. She is also part of the design team and coordinates the necessary steps in R&D.

BASc in Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto.

Austin Mclean

Co-founder | Development & Manufacturing Engineer

Austin’s background in mechanical engineering combined with the knack for simple design has helped develop what PICS is today. He works with suppliers for manufacturing while leading the R&D processes.

MASc, BASc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Amy Bilton

Senior Advisor

With over a decade of experience in designing for the developing world and working hand-in-hand with organizations all over the world, Dr. Bilton brings the technical expertise to navigate the design as well as the implementation processes.

PhD, P.Eng, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto
Director of the Center for Global Engineering (CGEN), Toronto

Francis Cruz

Design Advisor

Having extensive experience with designing rigorous experimental runs and working with various modelling software, Francis helps organize and execute field and lab experiments to verify PICS’ capabilities.

MASc in Mechanical Engineering, BASc in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto.

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