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Basic Principles

The valve functions by capturing the suction pressure generated by the soil during the drying process. It uses this pressure to open and close at a user specified value. This allows the farmer to set a value at which they want irrigation water to flow to the crops. The valve operates without the use of electricity allowing it to be used in any field around the world.

Existing Infrastructure

Our technology is available for farmers who have existing infrastructure in place. The following will allow an easy integration with our device.

  • An existing micro irrigation drip system
  • A pump or tank that supplies water to the drip system
  • A clear field with only crops (no weeds, grass, trees, etc)
  • A field at a constant elevation
  • Appropriate fittings that will allow to valve to be added into the drip irrigation system

Small Holders

Small scale farmers can benefit as this system will only water the plants when it is required, the valve is able to adjust to the natural weather conditions and their effects within the soil. This will save farmers water in the long run and allow them to product more crops. It will also reduce the cost of water extraction if the farmer is using pumps to supply water to the irrigation lines. More crops will mean more or excess food which also means better nutrition and expendable income for these farmers.

Local Sourcing

Our valve is made of very simple materials that are available locally even within lower income countries.  We plan to work with local supplies to reduce the environmental footprint of the product while also supporting the local businesses.  This will also allow for easy maintenance for the valve as parts will no longer have to be shipped internationally.

Community Training Program

The goal of our product is for farmers to build and assemble it within a group so that they understand the technology and maintenance that is required. We plan to team up with NGOs who will work with these farm communities to implement and teach the local farmers how to build, install and maintain the product. Further down the line we plan to employ some of the members from communities that have been using the valves for a long time and have them teach this course to other farmers in different communities.

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